Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation

Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Food Supply

Regen - Management of Genetic Resources for Food, Agriculture and Bioindustry

Conservation of Genetic Resources of Animals

The Embrapa operates a gene bank for genetic resources of asinines, cattle, buffaloes, goats, horses, sheep, aquatic species, chickens, insects and chelonians. Exploring these pages you will find information about the collection and issues related to genetic resources.

Explore Inventory

Uses a drilldown format that allows you to see the collection by species, breed, line, and individual. You can also specify tissue type (blood, semen/sperm or embryos).

Tools for Decision Support

Allows the user to search for animals that meet their criteria in order to make a germplasm request.

Germplasm Donation & Request

Provides an overview of how germplasm can be donated and requested.

Embrapa's Headquarter:
Parque Estação Biológica - PqEB. Brasília, DF - Brazil - Postcode 70770-901
Tel: +55 61 3448-4433 - Fax: +55 61 3448-4890 / 3448-4891