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   The Geospatial Modeling Interface (GMI) project was initiated after conducting an extensive review of geospatial model interfaces (appropriate for multi-scale H/WQ modeling) and determining that none of the existing GIS tools provided a suitable interface for research/application development. GMI is written in Java and currently provides access to four H/WQ environmental models: (1) AgroEcoSystem-Watershed (AgES-W) [Ascough et al. 2012], (2) Nitrate Leaching and Economic Analysis Package (NLEAP) [Shaffer et al. 2010] GIS/NT, (3) Root Zone Water Quality Model 2 (RZWQM2) [Ahuja et al. 2000], and (4) Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) [Arnold et al. 1998]. These models operate at different temporal
and spatial scales and may be applied across a range of environmental conditions and scales to evaluate the impacts of management and cropping systems on H/WQ response.Additionally, the models are highly dependent on spatially distributed data; therefore, GMI was equipped with robust data processing and visualization features including:(1) editing and visualization of geospatial model input data; (2) the ability to input measured experimental data for robust statistical model evaluation; and (3) geospatial output visualization across time, space, and modeling scenarios including capabilities for real-time post-processing (e.g., on-the-fly color ramping) and querying. GMI leverages the GeoWind open source GIS platform that integrates Open Geospatial Consortium standards (as implemented in GeoTools) within NASA's World Wind Java SDK. The overall vision of the GMI development effort is the creation of an open geospatial modeling system that enables the scientific modeling process to be closer to a “real world” experience.
For additional information on GMI, please contact Dr. Jim Ascough at 970-492-7371 (e-mail: jim.ascough@ars.usda.gov).

Technical Specifications

Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Software: Java 1.6/1.7 (NetBeans IDE Vers. 7.3 to compile)
Hardware: 100 MB free disk space


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GMI ExampleLatest Version: 0.90: Release date: Jan 13, 2013 1:24pm9/16/20137.96 MBDownload223


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GMI ApplicationLatest Version: 0.90: Release date: Jan 13, 2013 1:24pm7/30/20132.90 KBDownload215


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