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What is the purpose of the OMS3 Console, how does it differ from OMS3 Framework?

The OMS3 Modeling Console is a graphical user interface for the OMS3 Modeling Framework. It provides simple access to framework core features such as simulation management, output analysis, or documentation generation. It represents one generic way to use the framework and facilitate core aspects of modeling using OMS3. It is not meant to be the only way to use OMS3 in an application.

On initial console start I am told about a 'signature verification' problem, what is this?

The Console application is signed with a self-signing certificate, hence the warning. Just ignore this, run it.

You might want to enable the checkbox to avoid this dialog the next time you run it.

Why Webstart, why not just an application you can download?

Webstart tages care about downloading, installing, updating, and desktop integration for Java applications on all supported Java platforms.
An overview about Webstart can be found
You might get an information dialog about the JNLP file at startup


Enable the checkbox to avoid this dialog the next time.

I have the Console already installed, but it downloads again, why?

This is a feature of webstart, that sees probably a newer version available. It will download and update itself from Javaforge.

How do I uninstall the console?

In Windows, just uninstall it like any other program using the control panel. In Linux, there is the ControlPanel command to allow the same.
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